Wychwood Wild Garden is a beautiful woodland and garden, close to the centre
of Shipton-under-Wychwood in Oxfordshire.

Its 12.5 acres of avenues, woods and ponds much of which was laid out in the 1860's, is home to wild life and many breeds of ducks and birds. It is owned and managed by the local community and offered as a place of peace and tranquillity to local residents, guests and visitors to the area.
Preserving a legacy for the Wychwoods
Maintaining the Wild Garden

Our approach to maintenance, conservation and preservation is to maintain the informal atmosphere of the gardens while carrying out essential and safety related works with the minimum of general clearance. We aim to manage the Avenue for maximum life and to preserve the key views around the Round Pond. The restoration and repair of the stream and ponds is a long term goal.

Our approach is contained in our Conservation Management Plan which sets out the origins and story of the Wild Garden, the current state of the site in terms of the ecology, the water features and the views and vistas valued by the community.


Please feedback any comments you might have on the plan so we can take these into consideration.

Since 2010 projects  have included documenting and tagging all significant trees, a year long Nature Survey by local families, the restoration of the Ha-Ha and the planting of a new mixed species hedge by the cricket ground.

Work has  been completed to replant the lime avenue where there are gaps. The chosen lime, Tilia x Europea is the same clone as the majority of the existing avenue.

Major works have been carried out to restore the Canals and Ponds to allow the re-introduction of fish into the system.

The sluiceway between the Upper pond and Round Pond has been rebuilt and a bridge, wide enough for buggies, has been installed by the Cedar of Lebanon.


Work continues to improve the environment in the Upper Pond, as well as the routine work to maintain the path surfaces and manage the trees.

Wychwood Wild Garden was acquired by the community in 2010 with the assistance of The Cotswold Conservation Board Sustainable Development Fund, The Doris Field Trust and HDH Wills Trust.

Shipton-under-Wychwood Wild Garden and Woods is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity No.1133334. The key aims of the company are to provide public access to the Wild Garden, to maintain and conserve its environment and to provide valuable educational resources.

Supported by The Cotswold Conservation Board’s Sustainable Development Fund

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